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The Mosquitoes Threat and The Zika Virus


How To Safeguard Your Family

Summer is here, and the mosquitoes are biting. The kids are full of itchy red bites, and can’t stop scratching. You need an exterminator that knows everything about Baltimore MD pest control, and who can rid your home and property of the flying insects that are making it difficult to go outdoors in the early morning or evening.


An Integrated Mosquito Management Program

Your first thought is to get the property sprayed with a suitable pesticide, but you’ve read that this method rarely provides full protection. The rodent control experts say that one needs to attack any pest in a combination of ways, with mosquitoes it’s something they call an integrated mosquito management, or IMM, program.


You Call Your Local Pest Control Expert for Advice

Your pest control expert suggests using a combination of chemical and non-chemical techniques, but advises that the old saying “prevention is better than cure” is absolutely true, and that this is the first and most important step to take.


Find the Breeding Source and Eradicate IT

The winged nuisances that make your life miserable with their burning, itchy sting, haven’t always been flying around! In fact they start off life as water borne larvae, which live and feed under water until they are ready to hatch as flying mosquitoes. These larvae have hatched from the eggs deposited by the female mosquitoes in any standing water that may be conveniently lying around your yard. Amazingly an upturned soda bottle top can provide enough water for this purpose. Without suitable water for them to breed in, you’d have no mosquitoes to worry about!


What do the Mosquito Larvae Feed On?

The larvae are free swimming and about 8mm long, moving around in the water with a wiggling motion and coming up regularly to the surface to breathe. They tend to rest at the surface unless they are disturbed, whereupon they dive down deeper into the water. They spend most of their time resting, and feeding at the surface on suitable microscopic single celled creatures and vegetable material, such as algae floating in the water. At the same time they develop through four growth stages, until they finally pupate and after a few days, emerge as adult flying mosquitoes.


How Long Does It Take Them To Emerge As Adults?

The whole process from egg to a flying, stinging gnat, can take as little as five days if atmospheric conditions are right, but the process usually takes around a month. During all that time they are literally sitting under your nose, unable to fly and able to be easily exterminated if only you can discover them!


Are the Zika Virus Carrying Mosquitoes Around?

So far, none have been discovered breeding in the United States, but it is very important to be vigilant and keep your home and yard as mosquito free as possible. We will follow up with more articles on how to achieve this.


What To Do First

For more advice on how we can help you control pests such as mosquitoes, call us or simply fill out the form on the home page of our site, and we will provide you with a professional and well tested solution for all your home pest control issues. Don’t hesitate, set up an appointment with us today, and let us take care of it.


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