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Baltimore Pest Control – How to Control Mosquitoes


With the arrival of the warm summer weather, when we all love to be outdoors barbecuing on the deck, or relaxing around a pool, no-one wants to be slapping away at pesky mosquitoes. We need really tough Baltimore pest control measures to keep them away from our homes and outdoor spaces.


More Than Just a Nuisance – the Threat of the Zika Virus

For many years travelers to tropical Africa were required to be inoculated against illnesses such as Yellow fever, which was transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Malaria too presented a big mosquito transmitted threat in many tropical zones and countries, and a tourist needed to be sure to take anti-malarial medication before travelling.


Fortunately these diseases are now well controlled, but then a new threat was detected for which there was no preventative medication. This was the Zika virus, carried by mosquitoes. When first discovered in Africa in 1947, the virus was limited to monkeys. In the 1950’s, though, it was discovered in humans, and since then various human outbreaks have occurred in parts of the world.


Is Zika a Threat Covered by Baltimore Pest Control Services?

The Zika virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, which fortunately are not found in the United States, but there have been reports of infected travelers returning to the US from areas where the virus was found, and this could pose the danger of the local spread of the disease in certain areas. With this in mind Baltimore pest control services and exterminators are making sure that mosquito populations are controlled, both by inspecting your premises and providing spraying and other controls, and by advising you on proper preventative measures.


What To Do Around Your Home

Mosquitoes breed by the female depositing her eggs in standing water. The eggs hatch as free-swimming larvae, which then pass through a pupa stage, and finally emerge as the flying insects with which we are all so familiar. So it is essential to make sure that you don’t have stagnant water in the environs of your property. It is surprising how many cans, flower pots and other containers, such as wheelbarrows and old tires and tools, are left lying around your yard. These then collect rain water and provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Blocked gutters and drains, and even cracks in a concrete yard can collect water, and provide a home for the larvae. Be ruthless in ridding your property of any standing water, and make sure to empty any paddling pools or toys which may be lying around the garden. Change the water in bird baths and paddling pools regularly. Prevention is better than cure!


What About My Neighbors Though?

While you can do a good job in controlling your premises, mosquitoes are able to fly a good distance, and so how can you stop them arriving? The fact is that if you control your own yard, you will greatly reduce the number arriving from outside. Then be judicious in applying insect repellant sprays and creams when you sit outdoors, especially in the evening, and cover your windows and doors with decent mesh screens.


Wear Protective Clothing Where Possible

Going for and evening stroll with the family when the heat of the day is dissipating, is wonderful, but it can be ruined by the noise of a mosquito buzzing incessantly around your ear! It’s no fun when that burning itch makes itself felt on your unprotected arms or legs, so wherever possible wear clothing that covers exposed areas. Alternatively spray or wipe your arms, legs, neck and ears with a reputable insect repellant. Never spray it directly on your face, rather apply it to the palms of your hands and dab it on. Make sure to spread a suitable net over baby carriages too, and apply a suitable repellant to protect them.


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