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Yudy Brody has serviced the homes of Baltimore and the surrounding areas for 22 years. Yaakov and Sara Brody started a pest control company in 1984. Yudy Brody started working in the family business in 1992. Yudy Brody has started Queen "B" Pest Services to continue the family tradition. Call us today to see the difference Queen "B" Pest Services can make. Our Pest Control Program is designed to eliminate the factors causing the problems with minimal chemical use.



Yudy Brody, The Exterminator


Yudy Brody ExerminatorQueen B Pest Control Baltimore Maryland

Full Name: Yudy Brody


What are your favorite hobbies?

Gym, Tough Mudder competitions, my kids & wife


What area are you from?



How many years in the pest industry?

22 years


Whats your favorite part of the job?

Meeting new people and helping clients fix their problems


Favorite band?

30 seconds to mars


Craziest Pest Story?

Had an emergency call about bats & when I walked into the home 1 mother & 4 daughters had paper bags on their heads when I asked why they said "Bats fly into your hair to nest"



Michael Parris Miller Jr., The Exterminator


Michael Parris Miller Jr Queen B Pest ControlBaltimore Pest Control


Full Name: Michael Parris Miller Jr.


What are your favorite hobbies?

Writing poetry, scripts, screenplays, etc. Listening to a wide variety of music, from Miles Davis to AC/DC to Tupac.


What area are you from?

I was born in DC. Spent most of my adult life in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.


How many years in the pest industry?

I′ve been working in the pest industry for 2 years.


What′s your favorite part of the job?

Problem Solving. Working out a solution to a customer′s problems based on the information I am given and/or that I uncover. It′s a self rewarding profession.


Favorite band?

Queens of the Stone Age


Craziest Pest Story?

My first summer doing pest control, I did more than a few bee/wasp jobs without a bee suit. One particular day in June of 2013 I had to treat a 5′ 8″ wasp nest (i′m 5′ 10″) in Severna Park. I grabbed 4 cans of the strongest knockdown spray we had. 1 in each hand, 1 in each cargo pocket. I threw a rock to kick up the nest and get the initial swarm out in the open. I fired off both cans at 10 second intervals, as wasps continued to charge towards me. When one can ran empty I dropped it and swapped it for the extra. Things went fairly well until my last can malfunctioned. The customer had missed the much cooler front end of this story; from their perspective, the exterminator disappeared for about 10 minutes and came back sprinting, whilst his arms flailed in a panicking motion, screaming "RUN! THEY′RE COMING! GET THE KIDS INSIDE!" in a about 2 octaves higher than his normal speaking voice. Long story short, I finished the job without getting stung... at least physically. I′m pretty sure my ego took a few hits.

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